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Did you know that much of what we consume today isn’t actually food? Today’s highly refined ingredients and processed foods bear almost no resemblance to the hearty, wholesome, real foods we used to eat. 

At NOW Real Food®, we’re bringing people back to nature and nutrition with our outstanding selection of natural, non-GMO foods that are totally real.

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  • Xylitol 1lb.

    Excellent Alternative to Sugar PRODUCT DESCRIPTION1/3 Fewer Calories Than Sugar Pure and Natural Sweetener Excellent Alternative to Sugar There's a lot to like about xylitol. This naturally occurring sugar alcohol is one of the healthiest and most unique sweeteners you'll find. Unlike sugars such as sucrose and fructose, NOW Real Food® Xylitol is a...

    13,59 €
  • Dextrose

    Easily Utilized by the Body PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONPure and Natural Sweetener Easily Utilized by the Body Natural Energy Source Dextrose is another name for glucose, a simple sugar that plays an important role in cellular energy production. Dextrose is actually the primary source of energy for most living organisms. NOW Real Food® Dextrose is a natural...

    9,97 €
  • Almond Flour, Raw

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONHealthy Low-Carb Substitute for Flour Naturally Occurring Essential Fatty Acids Almonds aren't just a healthy snack food; they're also an excellent addition to many other popular foods. Almonds can also be used to make a wholesome and delicious flour that can be substituted for white flour in almost any recipe. NOW Real Food® Raw...

    11,80 €

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