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  • Astragalus 500 mg Capsules

    Immune System Support* PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAdaptogenic Herb* Astragalus Root (Huang qi) has been used as a popular herbal tonic in China for many centuries. Some of the known active components include flavonoids, free amino acids, trace minerals and polyphenols. Natural color variation may occur in this product.*These statements have not been...

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  • Ashwagandha Extract 450 mg Veg Capsules

    Ayurvedic Adaptogen* PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONStandardized Extract Free Radical Scavenger* Immune System Support* Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an herb that is extensively used in Ayurveda, the traditional herbal system in India. Ashwagandha is used as a general tonic and "adaptogen", helping the body adapt to temporary normal stress.* In addition,...

    16,84 €
  • Boswellia Extract 500 mg Softgels

    Balanced Immune Response* PRODUCT DESCRIPTION65% Standardized Extract In MCT Oil Base NOW® Boswellia Extract is a standardized extract of Boswellia serrata, also known as Frankincense, a resinous botanical that has been used for centuries by traditional Ayurvedic herbalists. The bioactive constituents of Boswellia, Boswellic Acids, have been shown in...

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  • Burdock Root 430 mg Capsules

    Herbal Supplement PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONBurdock Root (Arctium lappa) is a biennial plant native to Europe and Asia.  It is popular among traditional herbalists and is still consumed in Japan as a vegetable called "gobo". Natural color variation may occur in this product.*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration....

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  • Cat's Claw 500 mg - 100 Veg Capsules

    Herbal SupportPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONUña de Gato Cat's Claw, also known as the "life-giving vine of Peru," “saventaro,” or “uña de gato,” is a thick woody vine indigenous to the Amazon rain forest and other tropical areas of South and Central America. It has been revered by native herbalists of the region for over 2000 years and is valued for its many...

    8,90 €
  • Chlorella 1000 mg Tablets

    Green Superfood PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONNaturally occurring Chlorophyll & Beta-Carotene Broken Cell Wall Algae Chlorella is a green single-celled microalgae that has naturally occurring chlorophyll, plus beta-carotene, mixed carotenoids, vitamin C, iron and protein. The cell wall in this high quality Chlorella has been broken down mechanically to aid...

    12,87 €
  • Cinnamon Bark 600 mg Capsules

    Healthy Glucose Metabolism* PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONFree Radical Scavenger* Supports Blood Sugar Levels already within the normal range* Cinnamon Bark is a culinary spice that has also been used traditionally by herbalists. Modern scientific studies indicate that Cinnamon Bark possesses free radical neutralizing properties and may help to support a...

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  • Cordyceps 750 mg Veg Capsules

    Healthy Immune Support* PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONFree Radical Scavenger* Healthy Vascular Function* Cordyceps sinensis is a fungus that has been used by traditional Chinese herbalists for its energizing and adaptogenic properties for centuries.* Cordyceps has numerous bioactive compounds, including polysaccharides and nucleosides, which have been studied...

    25,77 €
  • Cranberry Mannose + Probiotics

    Supports a Healthy Urinary Tract* PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONCleanses the Urinary Tract* With Probiotics to Help Maintain a Healthy Microbial Balance* Cranberries are a well-known source of abundant flavonoids and other bioactive components. There are several distinct classes of flavonoids found in cranberries, all with free radical neutralizing properties...

    39,28 €
  • Cranberry Extract Veg Capsules

    Healthy Urinary Tract* PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONStandardized With Uva Ursi & Grape Seed Extracts Cleanses the Urinary Tract* Cranberry has become an essential component in the promotion of sound urinary tract health.* NOW® Standardized Cranberry Extract has naturally occurring compounds called proanthocyanidins (PACs) that exhibit anti-adhesion...

    17,83 €
  • Dandelion Root 500 mg Veg Capsules

    Herbal Supplement PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONDandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is a common flowering plant found throughout the temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere. Dandelion Root has a long history of use by Native American, European, and Asian herbalists. Dandelion Root has many naturally occurring compounds including inulin, sesquiterpenes, and...

    9,90 €
  • Echinacea 400 mg Capsules

    Immune System Support* PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONPurpurea Root Echinacea (purple coneflower) was once widely used by Native Americans and is now used by millions of consumers worldwide. This product utilizes the whole Echinacea root, which has all of its natural components in the amounts found in nature. Natural color variation may occur in this product....

    10,89 €
  • Feverfew Veg Capsules

    Herbal Supplement PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONStandardized Extract 0.5% - 0.7% Parthenolide Feverfew is an herb that has been traditionally used by European herbalists for centuries. More modern research indicates that its main bioactive compound is parthenolide. NOW® Feverfew is standardized to 0.5% - 0.7% Perthenolide per capsule. Natural color variation...

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  • Fo-Ti 560 mg Veg Capsules

    Herbal Supplement PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONHo Shou Wu Fo-Ti (Polygonum multiflorum), also called Ho Shou Wu, is a woody perennial native to China. Deeply imbedded in traditional Chinese herbal systems, this plant is still used today for its tonic properties and to promote overall well-being.* Natural color variation may occur in this product.*These...

    9,90 €
  • Garlic 5000 Tablets

    Odor Controlled PRODUCT DESCRIPTION5,000 mcg of Allicin Potential One Tablet per Day Enteric Coated This Garlic product is standardized to yield allicin precursors, which convert to allicin when ingested. It is enteric coated so that this conversion occurs in the upper intestine for optimal absorption and to protect against garlic's pungent odor. The...

    19,82 €
  • Ginkgo Biloba 60 mg Veg Capsules

    Supports Cognitive Function*PRODUCT DESCRIPTION24% Standardized Extract NOW® Gingko Biloba Extract is standardized to min. 24% ginkgoflavonglycosides and 6% terpene lactones. The extract comes from the leaves of the famous Ginkgo tree with its dynamic history of populating the earth for millions of years. Natural color variation may occur in...

    8,90 €
  • Ginkgo Biloba, Double Strength 120 mg Veg Capsules

    Supports Cognitive Function* PRODUCT DESCRIPTION24% Standardized Extract With Eleuthero Root NOW® Gingko Biloba Extract is standardized to min. 24% ginkgoflavonglycosides and 6% terpene lactones. The extract comes from the leaves of the famous Ginkgo tree with its dynamic history of populating the earth for millions of years. This double strength...

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  • Ginkgo Biloba, Double Strength 120 mg Veg Capsules

    Supports Cognitive Function* PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 24% Standardized Extract With Eleuthero RootNOW® Gingko Biloba Extract is standardized to min. 24% ginkgoflavonglycosides and 6% terpene lactones. The extract comes from the leaves of the famous Ginkgo tree with its dynamic history of populating the earth for millions of years. This double strength...

    19,82 €
  • Graviola Veg Capsules

    Healthy Cell Function* PRODUCT DESCRIPTION500 mg Free Radical Scavenger* Graviola tree (Annona muricata), also known as soursop, is found in tropical areas of the world. Its leaves have a long history of use by traditional herbalists. More recent scientific studies suggest that Acetogenins, the active constituents of Graviola, can support healthy...

    13,86 €
  • Gotu Kola 450 mg - 100 Capsules

    Herbal Supplement PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONTraditional Herb Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) has been employed by traditional herbalists since prehistoric times. Its wide range of applications has been well documented in Southeast Asia and India for centuries and continues to be used within the framework of modern herbalism. Gotu Kola is not related to kola...

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  • Gymnema Sylvestre 400 mg Veg Capsules

    Supports Glucose Metabolism* PRODUCT DESCRIPTION400 mg Promotes Healthy Pancreatic Function* Gymnema sylvestre is an herb that has been used traditionally in India for centuries. Modern research has shown that this herb may help to support healthy glucose metabolism through its ability to promote healthy pancreatic function.* In addition, Gymnema...

    14,86 €
  • Licorice Root 450 mg Veg Capsules

    Herbal Supplement PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONTraditional Herb Licorice Root is a popular herb used throughout the world. It has been used and studied in Chinese herbalism for thousands of years. Natural color variation may occur in this product.

    9,90 €
  • Hawthorn Berry 540 mg Veg Capsules

    Herbal Supplement PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONFree Radical Scavenger* Hawthorn Berries have a long history of traditional use in Europe and North America as an herbal tonic. Modern scientific studies have identified a number of bioactive constituents, including OPCs (Oligomeric Procyanidins).* Many of these compounds have been found to possess powerful free...

    9,90 €
  • Maca 500 mg Veg Capsules

    Reproductive Health* PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONSexual Well-Being* For Men and Women Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is grown at high elevations in the Andes region of Central Peru. It has been traditionally used for centuries as a food source and as a general energy tonic. More recent scientific research suggests that Maca may help to support a healthy reproductive...

    12,87 €

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