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Since 1988 NOW® Solutions has been the answer for those seeking the best in natural and organic beauty products. Our outstanding selection of the best organic beauty products, home beauty solutions and at-home beauty treatments is the perfect complement to your natural lifestyle.

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  • Avocado Oil

    100% Pure Moisturizing Oil PRODUCT DESCRIPTION For Soft, Healthy Skin Nutrient Rich/Hydrating Ingredient:  Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil. Condition:  Skin in need of hydration and moisturization. Solution: 100% Pure Avocado Oil is a natural, nutrient-rich vegetable oil. Heavy in texture, Avocado Oil helps to keep skin supple, while thoroughly...

    5,34 € 7,60 € -29.72%
  • Sweet Almond Oil

    100% Pure Moisturizing Oil PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Nourishing Promotes Healthy-Looking Skin Condition: For skin in need of clean and natural nourishment, as a moisturizer or for massage. Solution: 100% Pure Almond Oil is a natural oil that's perfect for nourishing and reviving any skin type. Almond Oil is easily absorbed and won't clog pores, promoting...

    3,81 € 6,25 € -39.01%
  • Apricot Kernel Oil

    100% Pure Moisturizing Oil PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Softens Fine Lines Treats Dry Hair Condition:  Prematurely aged skin, irritated skin, or need for a natural dry hair treatment. Solution: Pure Apricot Oil is a rejuvenating natural oil that's ideal for softening fine lines and restoring a healthy glow to skin. Rich in essential fatty acids, this gentle...

    4,77 € 6,25 € -23.76%
  • Grapeseed Oil

    100% Pure PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sensitive Skin Care Light Silky Moisturizer All Skin Types Ingredient: Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil. Condition:  Sensitive skin in need of a natural moisturizer and protection from free radical damage, without clogging pores and causing breakouts. Solution:  100% Pure Grapeseed Oil is a light, odorless oil with mild...

    3,97 € 6,25 € -36.51%
  • Castor Oil

    Skin Softener PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Pure Versatile Skin Care Skin Softener Multi-Purpose Condition:  Skin in need of an natural emollient. Solution: Pure Castor Oil is expeller-pressed from the seed of Ricinus communis and is virtually odorless and tasteless. While its use is applicable to many other areas of wellness, Castor Oil is considered by many...

    7,67 € 9,80 € -21.7%
  • Lavender Almond Massage Oil

    Vitamin Infused Blend PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Therapeutic / Soothing Condition: High stress levels in need of a relaxing full-body massage with an aromatherapeutic skin moisturizer. Solution: Lavender Almond Massage Oil combines Organic Lavender Oil and natural Almond Oil to create a luxurious combination that soothes and relaxes. With Vitamins A, D &...

    12,80 € 15,25 € -16.08%
  • Shea Nut Oil

    Pure​ Moisturizing Oil PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Multi-Purpose Nourish & Moisturize Condition: Skin, scalp or hair in need of intense natural moisturization as well as protection against harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold. Solution: NOW® Solutions Pure Shea Nut Oil is an expeller-pressed, fractionated oil obtained from the seeds of...

    14,33 € 25,15 € -43.04%
  • Jojoba Oil, Organic

    100% Pure Moisturizing Oil PRODUCT DESCRIPTION For Skin, Hair & Body Multi-Purpose Ingredient: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil. Condition: In need of healthier hair, softer skin, or an oil for general bath care and massage. Solution: Pure Jojoba Oil is derived from the seed of the jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) shrub and is one of the most...

    9,41 €
  • Berry Full™ Shampoo

    From Fine to Full PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Volume Boost for Fine Hair pH Balanced Condition: Fine, lifeless hair in need of volume, body and shine. Solution:  Berry Full™ Shampoo combines Biotin, Panthenol, Rosemary and Algae Extract to boost volume, add body and generate beautiful shine. It cleans fine hair and delivers nutrients to stimulate the scalp,...

    7,63 € 8,70 € -12.26%
  • Vegetable Glycerine

    100% Pure PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Versatile Skin Care Softens & Moisturizes Multi-Purpose Condition: Rough skin, simple cosmetic applications. Solution: Pure Vegetable Glycerine is an outstanding moisturizer and skin cleanser that also provides softening and lubricating benefits. It’s easily soluble in water, making it suitable for use in all of  your...

    3,20 € 6,25 € -48.75%
  • Herbal Revival™ Shampoo

    Damage Control PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Repairs & Strengthens Damaged Hair pH Balanced Condition: Damaged hair with split ends caused by blow-drying, coloring and every day styling. Solution:  Herbal Revival™ Shampoo contains Horsetail Extract, Tea Tree Oil and Sea Kelp to help soothe and nourish the scalp. L-Arginine and L-Cystine strengthen damaged...

    7,63 € 8,70 € -12.26%
  • CITRUS Moisture Conditioner.

    Daily Moisture PRODUCT DESCRIPTION For Dry, Limp Hair pH Balanced Condition: Dry, limp, dull hair in need of a conditioning moisture boost. Solution: Citrus Moisture™ Conditioner with Vitamins B, C, and E work with Jojoba Oil and Green Tea Extract to add essential nutrients to help strengthen hair and add beautiful shine and body. This rich formula...

    8,24 € 8,70 € -5.29%
  • Aloe Soothing Gel

    After Sun Relief PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Soothes Damaged Skin Multi-Purpose Formula Condition: Skin in need of soothing or calming due to environmental factors that cause irritation, also for skin that has been injured or damaged. Solution: Aloe Soothing Gel is a refreshing and revitalizing formula with Organic Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extract to help...

    6,82 € 8,70 € -21.62%
  • Glucosamine, MSM & Arnica Liposome Lotion

    For Joints & Cartilage PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Liposome Technology for Enhanced Absorption Solution: Glucosamine, MSM & Arnica Liposomal Lotion is a soothing lotion specifically formulated for use on joint areas. This unique blend of ingredients combines Glucosamine, a normal joint and cartilage component with MSM, a source of organic sulfur....

    10,82 € 17,80 € -39.19%
  • Dermal Soothing Cream

    Skin Relief PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Contains Clinically Tested B-12 & Licorice Extract to Reduce Redness & Irritation Condition: Skin in need of relief from irritation, redness, itching, swelling and discomfort. Solution: Dermal Soothing Cream is formulated with ingredients that have been clinically tested for their use in skin care, including...

    11,46 € 16,35 € -29.9%
  • Wrinkle Rescue™ Moisturizer

    Skin Renewal PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Contains Clinically Tested Sepilift® DPHP and Lanablue™ to Tone Aging Skin Condition: Skin in need of toning and moisture due to the natural aging process and in need of protection from environmental factors. Solution: Wrinkle Rescue™ is formulated with 1% Sepilift® DPHP which has been proven to decrease the appearance...

    13,53 € 17,80 € -23.99%
  • Hair, Skin & Nails Capsules

    Clinically Advanced PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Formulated with Clinically Tested Cynatine® Maintenance of Strong Hair & Nails Supports Healthy Skin* NOW® Solutions Clinically Advanced Hair, Skin & Nails is formulated to nurture hair, skin, and nails from the inside. This product features Cynatine® HNS, a revolutionary patented and bioavailable form...

    23,89 € 27,60 € -13.45%
  • Chest Rub Relief

    Soothing & Warming PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Condition: Need to breathe deeply in any environment and during seasonal changes. Solution: NOW® Solutions Chest Rub Relief combines soothing natural oils with menthol aroma for breathing comfort and well-being. Ingredients: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Beeswax, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil...

    7,67 € 15,05 € -49.02%
  • Natural Progesterone Liposomal Skin Cream

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 20 mg of Natural Progesterone per Pump No Artificial Colors No Added Fragrances Ingredients:  Water (Aqua), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Glycerin, Stearic Acid (vegetable source), Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol & Cetearyl Glycoside, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil,...

    14,65 € 26,00 € -43.66%
  • XyliWhite™ Platinum Mint Toothpaste Gel with Baking Soda

    Clean, Fresh Mint Taste PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fluoride & SLS-Free Whiter Teeth Formulated with the purest ingredients Uses vegetarian/vegan ingredients Contains 25% Xylitol, one of the highest contents available! For adults and children XyliWhite™ is a remarkable fluoride-free toothpaste gel that uses natural Xylitol as its main ingredient....

    4,68 € 5,45 € -14.06%
  • XyliWhite™ Cinnafresh Toothpaste Gel

    Clean & Fresh Cinnamon Taste PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fluoride & SLS-Free Whiter Teeth Formulated with the purest ingredients Clean and fresh, cinnamon taste Contains 25% Xylitol, one of the highest contents available! XyliWhite™ is a remarkable Fluoride-free toothpaste gel that uses natural Xylitol as its main ingredient. For adults and children....

    4,68 € 5,45 € -14.06%
  • XyliWhite™ Refreshmint Toothpaste Gel

    Cool, Minty, Refreshing Taste PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fluoride & SLS-Free Whiter, Stronger Teeth Reduces Plaque For adults and children. Formulated with the purest ingredients. Free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). Functional Ingredients: Xylitol (25%), Papain (whitening) Ingredients: Water, xylitol (25%), hydrated silica, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium...

    4,68 € 5,45 € -14.06%
  • E-Oil 23,000 IU

    Natural PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Skin Restoration Condition: Skin in need of rejuvenation. Solution: Natural E-Oil helps to moisturize the skin and keep skin looking healthy. Ingredients: Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E Oil) (soy) (non-GMO) and Organic Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil (Extra Virgin) *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug...

    13,76 € 19,50 € -29.46%
  • Cocoa Butter, Pure

    100% Pure PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Multi-Purpose Moisturizer Condition: Skin in need of a multi-purpose, whole body moisturizer. Solution: Pure Cocoa Butter is a natural moisturizer that's safe for use on even the most sensitive skin types. It is popular for sunburn, dry chapped skin, scar tissue and stretch marks. In its natural state, cocoa butter is...

    7,67 € 9,80 € -21.7%