Terms and Conditions / Privacy Safety

In General

The following Terms and Conditions of Use of the present webpage, and also its users’ Privacy Safety, describe:

  • the process of compiling the personal data of the users of the webpage/customers of the e-shop nowfoods.info
  • the utilization of data in question by nowfoods.info
  • the terms of use of the present webpage.

Our e-shop exclusively accumulates all the data necessary for the security process and execution of our customer's orders, which customers themselves disclose to us, voluntarily.

The compilation of our customers’ personal data serves the purpose of:

  • estimating the number of views of our webpage.
  • keeping a record of the customers’ demands with respect to the products of the e-shop, and all in all.
  • the execution of the customers’ transactions with the e-shop.

Nowfoods.info does not disclose any personal data of its customers/users to any third party, without their prior explicit consent.

The customer is regarded to have fully and unequivocally accepted the Terms and Conditions as stated herein, and also the Privacy Safety, as applicable, at any time, depending on any given case of use of the nowfoods.info e-shop services. In the event of ordering via telephone, you will also be requested to provide your email address or/and mobile number. The concession of this data on your behalf stands for your consent regarding its compliance on our part, serving thus the purposes stated herein. The nowfoods.info e-shop reserves the right to proceed to unilateral modifications of the Terms and Conditions stated herein without customers’ notification, except for their disclosure in the domain of its website. All those signing up on our website, by clicking on the “Members sign up” option, become customers of the nowfoods.info e-shop.

Services Description

The nowfoods.info e-shop is an independent shop with its own policy regarding prices, terms of products’ payment, distribution, and delivery. Customers have the opportunity to place their order given they have signed up in the website entry of the e-shop once, by clicking on the “Members sign up”. Each customer gets to sign up only once. By using the unique combination of Username - Password customers themselves have selected and stated, the following possibilities exist:

  • Viewing the content of the Purchase Cart (“My Cart”). There, customers can see the products they selected for their order. Customers can proceed with ordering products, the review or change (deletion of products, quantity change) of which is available at any time until the completion of the order.
  • Completing their order and proceeding with payment, by choosing one of the options provided by the e-shop.
  • Viewing the process of their order and its content after the completion.
  • Viewing previous orders.
  • Modifying the Customer information in their account, as stated below in detail.

Personal Information

Personal information is registered upon the user’s signing up. 

New users signing up in the nowfoods.info e-shop is considered to be necessary in order for them to place an order. Upon signing up, each new user’s personal information necessary for the process of the order is requested by the e-shop and is at the shop’s disposal so as to be explicitly utilized for the customer’s comprehensive execution of the order.

Utilizing the customer’s personal information.

The nowfoods.info e-shop registers the personal information of those exclusively signed up as Official Users via the e-shop’s webpage. The compilation of the aforementioned personal information is deemed as necessary in order to:

  • keep track of the transactions between the e-shop and its customers.
  • ship their orders, but also to receive special services, such as Orders History, e-shop offers, newsletter, brochures, etc.

The nowfoods.info is not to disclose the Customers’ email or other personal data for advertising or marketing causes unless Customers have granted their express consent.

All customers have the option to request at any time the prompt deletion of all their personal data registered in the database of the nowfoods.info, granted:

  • They have stopped using the nowfoods.info  services.
  • There are no payments pending on their behalf to the e-shop.

Customers’ Obligations

A customer of the nowfoods.info e-shop is obliged to:

  • Not use the e-shop’s website to perform actions that will likely result in a prosecution or start any civil or administrative procedure against nowfoods.info with regards actions described indicatively and not explicitly in Penal Code, Special Criminal Laws, Telecommunications Legislation, Legislation on Privacy Safety, and also in relevant provisions or directives of the EU or the National Telecommunication Committee, the Personal Data Protection Authority and any other State or Administrative Authority and Service.
  • Not violate third parties copyrights of any nature.
  • Fully adhere to the nowfoods.info  e-shop terms of use applicable and also any personal data safety regulations applicable as far as the e-shop’s subscribers or/and visitors of its websites are concerned.
  • Provide full and true personal information during their signing-up process.
  • Keep their personal information upon their signing-up updated in order to be true at any time. In the event of the inaccuracy of customers’ data upon signing-up, the nowfoods.info  e-shop is entitled to promptly deactivate the customer’s account, by means of notification.
  • Not disclose their unique username and password to third parties while using the nowfoods.info services. Moreover, they have to provide the e-shop with a PROMPT notification via email at info@nowfoods.gr with respect to any unauthorized use of their username and password. The e-shop bears no responsibility whatsoever for the unauthorized use of its customers’ username and password without prior respective notification.
  • Confirm their logging out of their account at the end of each session.
  • Provide precise and true Payment and Delivery Information with regards to the orders they place at the e-shop.

Service’s Modifications

The e-shop claims the right to modify the services provided or proceed to their temporary or permanent discontinuation, with or without notice. In the event that a customer makes use of the e-shop’s services, they are considered to have accepted the current terms of use unreservedly. Moreover, they have fully acknowledged that the nowfoods.info e-shop bears no responsibility to them for any kind of modification, suspension, or termination of the services provided.

Let it be noted that the products’ images are likely to alter.

Products and Information - Nowfoods.info Liability

Nowfoods.info bears no liability whatsoever for any sort of damage likely to come about from the information exchange stemming from downloading failure or delay or data distortion during the use of the e-shop’s services.

Nowfoods.info is not obliged to install the products of the e-shop. Information on the e-shop’s products does not constitute and does not substitute for any medical advice and, generally, any advice provided by any scientist in the health department (e.g. dietician, nutritional expert, etc.). Information accompanying the products is explicit of educative nature and has no intention of replacing the services or recommendations by any doctor or certified expert in the health department. In addition, it has no intention of providing a diagnosis, care, treatment, or prevention of any kind of ailment. The products of nowfoods.info are not appropriate for the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of any ailment. The e-shop does not provide medical advice of any sort.

The material, content, and allegations of the advertising registrations are copyright and liability of nowfoods.info. We do not provide any sort of guarantee, in writing or not, explicit or implicit pertaining to the accuracy and correctness of the information provided on our website. We abdicate all guarantees, explicit or implicit, direct or indirect, including the implicit quality or suitability guarantees for certain purposes.

Privacy Safety Terms

The priority of nowfoods.info is the protection of a customer’s right to a private logging-in. Therefore, an explanation is provided below with respect to the practice of privacy safety and also the meaning of the following terms so as to be easily understood in order to refrain from any given insinuation involving the potential for a breach of privacy.

Automatically Registered Information

The webserver of nowfoods.info registers some information automatically in order to help us with:

  • diagnosing any given problems timely.
  • managing the website.
  • accumulating further demographic data via nowfoods.info


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Personal Information

Due to the particularity of the nowfoods.info website (e-shop), personal information is required in order for the products to be shipped to the user’s/customer’s address. This information is not to be disclosed to third parties nor used for any other purpose. Specifically, between each customer and the nowfoods.info site an explicit agreement is reached on the following:

  • Nowfoods.info declares and the customer accepts that the personal information gathered by nowfoods.info, concerning the customer, is to be used in terms of carrying out their request. In particular, the request includes the support, promotion, and execution of the transaction and also their update with regards to future offers and advertising activities of nowfoods.info. The recipient of this information is solely nowfoods.info within the context of a transaction, and also, each natural or legal person to which, according to the legislation in effect, nowfoods.info is obliged or reserves the right to announce the information, based on the customer’s consent, Law or judicial order.
  • Nowfoods.info declares that during complying with the information in a question / personal data, it will use it by lawful means, by taking the necessary security measures and keeping it confidential. nowfoods.info is to delete this information from its files according to the legislation in effect.
  • The customer addressing nowfoods.info in writing, claims the right to be notified on their personal information abiding by it, to object and correct it and also revoke their consent with regards the process of data of personal nature that concerns them at any time, according to the legislation in effect (Articles 11 - 13, Act 2472/1997).
  • Nowfoods.info takes all the necessary measures in order to protect the privacy of customer’s/user and users ’ communications and the disseminated information and data, according to the legislation in force. Nonetheless, nowfoods.info does not guarantee the safety of data transferred via networks to the extent that its protection is not achieved by taking appropriate safety measures imposed by legislation and the respective direct, indirect, material, or non-material damage, which the user may have been subjected to by accessing the Internet.
  • With respect to disputes that will potentially arise between customers or customers and third parties stemming from messages, data, information distributed via nowfoods.info, the latter states that declassifying customers’ telecommunication shall be permitted provided and to the extent that nowfoods.info is called upon to carry out its obligation, according to the legislation in effect. It is expressly agreed that the above terms are governed by Greek law, also by the decisions of the State’s established bodies that apply to the transactions of e-telecommunications and the relevant provisions in effect.


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